Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Character Interview: Daisy Brooks (and Giveaway)

Today, I'd like to welcome Daisy Brooks, the main character from Danielle Weiler's Friendship on Fire to my blog.
Daisy Brooks’s senior year is not off to a great start. Her first assembly as school captain is slightly ruined by her new bright orange hairdo – thanks to her father’s inability to choose correct permanent hair dye. The local Blonde Brigade is already giving her a hard time (and affectionately dubbed her ‘ranga’) and her teachers have done the unthinkable and handed out assignments on the first day back. The one bright spot in Daisy’s first day back is the appearance of a private school boy hottie. Oh, and her best friend and vice-captain, Roman, who she can count on to hold her temper and have her back. But the winds of change are sweeping through Daisy’s small town of Twin Rocks. Turns out the private school hottie is new in town and fast friends with her brothers. His name is Nate and he turns Daisy’s legs to jelly. But her totally platonic best friend, always reliable Roman, is starting to act strange. This is Daisy’s senior year. She’ll learn hard truths and lose small battles on the path to adulthood . . . but, hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.

You're very close with your family, but as the youngest of four kids, you get teased a lot by your older brothers. Now it's your turn to reciprocate; tell me something about Josh, Treston and Shane that they'd be embarrassed by if others were to find out.
Treston used to have giant posters of all his favourite soccer stars on his wall – Ronaldinho, Beckham, Rooney … that is, until Josh told him he was gay. Shane once spat in a burger of a girl who cheated on him in high school. If you ask him outright, he’d deny it. But I saw it. Josh dated the same girl twice and didn’t recognise her the second time. She was pretty mad at him, but she soon forgave him …

You managed to get your driver's license in spite of the fact that you're not a great driver. Has your driving gotten any better or are you still getting into mishaps?
Hey, hey, hey, I am a good driver! I just don’t do well on big hills and poorly placed letterboxes, OK? Look, I’ve been doing really well. I avoid reverse parking like the plague but other than that I’ve only kissed the back of someone’s car once. And it was Roman’s. And he wasn’t happy.

In class, you're frequently daydreaming about going to the beach. Assuming you're not allowed to live in Australia, where would you like to live and why? Where can you never see yourself living and why?       
Well I’d visit Hawaii and see if it’s really as sunny and beachy as everyone says it is and if it does live up to its reputation, I might consider moving there. But I do love Europe and all of its history, too. I’d never live in the Middle East: too much sand and not enough water to show for it!

You have a diary in which you write down your thoughts and poems. When (and why) did you start keeping a diary and can you share one of your early poems with us?
I started a diary when I was 7 years old. I was given one with a giant clown on it by my dad – I think to keep me out of mischief on a family holiday – and I’ve been writing them ever since. I think I’m onto my 9th but I haven’t written in a while (busy uni life. Blame Roman!)
Sure I can share something from when I was younger … I think I was 14 at the time.

Beach Man
I sit on the beach
Watching the sunset
I spot a man
Whom I’ve never met

His shoulders hunched
Eyes lapping the air
His face is jagged
With rough, wild hair

He picks up a stick
And throws it hard
The ocean moans
Its waters scarred

He takes a seat
In the soft cream sand
His loyal dog
Softly licks his hand

The man’s small dog
Feels his sorrow
I might come back
Again tomorrow

So I turn and leave
The pair of them
They are special friends
A heart and a gem.

Now that Year Twelve is over and you're going off to university, what do you think you'll miss most about high school?
Having school as a safety net. It really is. It protects you from the big bad world. But at the same time, I’m glad to be leaving because of, you know, all that stuff. So the change won’t be so hard anymore. I want to learn about stuff I am interested in. YAY no more maths. And I get to hang out with my favourite person still.

Thanks, Daisy, for taking the time to answer my questions! 

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  1. "Josh dated the same girl twice and didn’t recognise her the second time. She was pretty mad at him, but she soon forgave him …"

    Hm. I'm pretty sure if some guy I went out with didn't recognize me the second time he saw me there would be no forgiveness for him:) It's a little funny though, mostly because it didn't happen to me:)

    Such fun interview!

  2. *Such A fun interview* I can't type today and was missing the "a" in there:( Awesome.

  3. How the heck can you date the same person TWICE and not recognize them? Did they have massive cosmetic surgery? Botox? Seriously! And yeah, I totally understand the teasing from brothers. I happen to be born a few years after my older brother and a few years before my younger brother. Awesome.

  4. "Having school as a safety net." <-- That is SO TRUE, Daisy!! Even though I'm excited to get out into the real world and start working and traveling and driving and all of that, I'm (admittedly) a little terrified of graduating high school! x) Drifting apart from friends, a different routine, learning to survive TAKE TWO... It's scary! But no more math is DEFINITELY a plus LOL! ;)

    Awesome interview, Daisy! It's really nice to meet you! :)

  5. LOL! Looks like Daisy was more than ready to unleash!

    I'm the oldest of five sisters! I'd hate to think of what they'd say about me to embarrass me on the net. They know all my secrets, so they could spill a lot of dirt. I should probably try to be nicer to them.

    And, it's been over *cough* 10 *cough* years since I finished H.S. I really do miss that safety net.


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