Monday, February 10, 2014

I Finally Got My Internet Back!

I don’t normally post about non-bookish things but since this kind of relates to my blog and I need to vent, I figured why not. So … my family recently decided to try Primus’ Internet and phone services. I – and my friends – had never heard of the company before, but according to their website, they are apparently Canada’s largest alternative telecommunications service provider. Well, I’m not sure how they got to that position because they clearly don’t give a crap about their customers! Although we called customer services numerous times and were repeatedly told that our Internet would be activated the next day, we still had no Internet after two weeks! It was just such a frustrating and stressful experience! We finally decided that we had had enough and switched to Bell – and they had our Internet running within a few hours.

And on that note, now that I have my Internet back, I can finally leave some comments :)

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  1. When I first moved to Ontario, I considered Primus because they did sound pretty good. And then I looked up some reviews online and there seemed to be a lot of angry people! So in the end I went with Bell and hearing your story now, I'm definitely pleased with that decision!!


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