Review Policy

A Note to Authors and Publishers:

Though I occasionally read MG and my taste is eclectic, my focus is on reading YA books, particularly if they are within the fantasy, paranormal, steampunk or contemporary genres. I tend to avoid science fiction and will not read self-published books, nonfiction or books that are part of a series unless the preceding novels are also provided so that I have a full understanding of the story.

I accept ARCs, finished copies and ebooks*, and will post reviews on my blog and Goodreads within a timely manner. If you would like me to review a book, I can be contacted at

I am also open to hosting author interviews, guest posts and giveaways as long as I am familiar with the author’s work. If you are interested in doing any of the things that have been mentioned, please contact me at the email address that has been provided above.     

*Please note that I am not accepting ebooks at this time.