Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

From Back Cover: "I can steal anything." After Gen's bragging lands him in the king's prison, the chances of escape look slim. Then the king's scholar, the magus, needs the thief's skill for a seemingly impossible task - to steal a hidden treasure from another land. To the magus, Gen is just a tool. But Gen is a trickster and a survivor with a plan of his own.

My Rating: 5 hearts 

Thoughts on the Novel: Why, oh why has no one ever told me about The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner? Set in a world much like ancient Greece but not exactly (because there are things like guns), The Thief initially started slowly but had me hooked a few chapters in. It’s so hard to write a review for this novel because even the smallest details relate to the ending, which was surprising and yet in retrospect, wasn’t out of the blue.

Gen is such a fun character! He can’t seem to keep quiet, is cocky, and basically does whatever he wants. The supporting characters are also well-developed, and I hope to get to know them even better in The Queen of Attolia, the sequel to The Thief.

In addition, I really enjoyed reading about the stories of the old gods of Eddis that the magus and Gen (later on) would tell while the group was traveling. I always loved it when it was time to study Ancient Greece in elementary school, and Turner does a really good job of making the stories of Eddis' gods original while still allowing them to have a mythological feel.    

An engrossing novel that I’m sure I’ll re-read again sometime in the future, The Thief was released by Greenwillow Books in December 2005. 

Comments About the Cover: It has an old worldly air, and I really like that you can see the bruises on Gen’s arms and the dirt under his nails since he’s a thief who has just been released from prison. It’s also nice that Hamiathes’ Gift is featured because it plays an integral part in the novel.


  1. Well, nobody has ever told me about this book either. But I'm really liking the sound of it from your review.

  2. Apparently we're all out of the loop on this one because it's new to me as well! 5 hearts is a good sign though, and I love stories about ancient Greece and anything mythology related, so I think this might be a good book for me! Fabulous review:)

  3. I've heard about this series a bunch but haven't delved into it yet. I'm so glad to hear that you liked it!

  4. This is another one of those series I somehow missed when I was younger and plan to read in 2011. I think I'm going to really like it, especially given your review. I love the new cover.

  5. I hadn't heard about it either. But that's for pointing it out to me. Adding it to my TBR list as we "speak" :) Great review!


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