Saturday, December 24, 2011

News About Rock God: The Legend of BJ Levine

Sourcebooks will be releasing Rock God: The Legend of BJ Levine by Barnabas Miller soon. So if you haven't heard about the book, here's a little more information about it.

Title: Rock God: The Legend of BJ Levine
Author: Barnabas Miller
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Date of Release: January 1, 2012 

Goodreads Description: B.J. Levine, a mild-mannered, 13-year-old boy voted most likely to become a tax accountant, moves to New York City and discovers his true purpose: he must transform himself into the most almighty rocker since Jon Bon Jovi. B.J. battles his father's disappointment, his mother's disapproval, his lack of apparent talent, and a secret society of middle-aged bikers as he gathers a ragtag band and embarks on a real life rock Odyssey.

To promote the book, B.J. Levine has written and performed a song called “Three Notes” which can be found on and is connecting with his fans on Twitter as @bjrockgod.

As well, Barnabas Miller, the author, is the drummer for Tiger Beat which is a New York City-based YA-only writers band that also includes Libba Bray, Natalie Standiford and Dan Ehrenhaft. Barnabas and his bandmates will be launching Rock God in New York City at the Barnes and Noble on the Upper East Side at 7 PM on Thursday, January 19th. If you're going to be in the area, don't forget to stop by because Libba, Natalie, Dan and Barnabas will be signing books and performing "Three Notes" and other songs! 


  1. I've never heard of the book until now, but this sounds really interesting. Any book that involves music interests me, actually. Also, the song is kewl!

  2. Ohhhh, this book sounds so cool! :) I love anything that has to do with music, and I honestly LOVE how someone actually wrote a song for it! That's TOO COOL FOR WORDS!! I wish I could be there, but if you go, I hope you have a BLAST, Z! :) <3


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