Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Rules by Stacey Kade

From Goodreads: 1) Never trust anyone. 2) Remember they are always searching. 3) Don’t get involved. 4) Keep your head down. 5) Don’t fall in love. Five simple rules. Ariane Tucker has followed them since the night she escaped from the genetics lab where she was created, the result of combining human and extraterrestrial DNA. Ariane’s survival - and that of her adoptive father - depends on her ability to blend in among the full-blooded humans in a small Wisconsin town, to hide in plain sight at her high school from those who seek to recover their lost (and expensive) “project.” But when a cruel prank at school goes awry, it puts her in the path of Zane Bradshaw, the police chief’s son and someone who sees too much. Someone who really sees her. After years of trying to be invisible, Ariane finds the attention frightening - and utterly intoxicating. Suddenly, nothing is simple anymore, especially not the rules ...

My Rating: 3.5 hearts 

Thoughts on the Novel: Before I started blogging, a book I read and enjoyed was Stacey Kade’s The Ghost and the Goth. Although I still have to read the next two books in The Ghost and the Goth trilogy, I thought I’d give Kades’s latest novel, The Rules, a go. Though not as entertaining as The Ghost and the Goth, The Rules was still a nice read nonetheless.

One of the reasons I liked The Rules was because it really wasn’t a sci-fi novel. Other than the notion of aliens existing and a mention here and there of human-alien hybrids being created, there isn’t much science-y talk in The Rules. In fact, I’m still not fully clear about what GTX’s goals are or what Project Paper Doll is. The Rules, instead, is more of a contemporary novel with some paranormal elements (since one of the main characters happens to be a hybrid teen). So, although there’s a lot of high school drama, I’d pick that over a very sci-fi-ish novel.

The other reason I liked The Rules was because of the characters. Despite not being as memorable as Will and Alona, Ariane and Zane are still likeable. A seemingly stereotypical jock at the beginning, Zane manages to learn to stand up for himself and others by the end of the book. Meanwhile, Ariane has no problems defending herself or others even though she should be blending in.

Through Ariane’s and Zane’s alternating perspectives, you understand both characters more fully and see them come together with a mutual plan to thwart Rachel’s attempt at controlling them. While the romance wasn’t swoon-worthy by any means, it did feel believable. Since the two hadn’t gotten together for long, I also liked that there was no declaration of love. 

The Rules will be released by Disney Hyperion today! 

Comments About the Cover: I like how the focus of the cover is the girl’s eye which I actually find kind of freaky. 

In exchange for an honest review, this book was received from the publisher (Disney Book Group) for free via NetGalley. 


  1. I probably wouldn't pick high school drama over a sci-fi novel, but, funnily enough, I really liked this one too. I did have a lot of problems with it, and I'm still not sure if I'll pick up the sequel, but I definitely want to give The Ghost and the Goth a try soon. Brilliant review, Z!

  2. I was super excited about the lack of a declaration of love too Z! I loved their relationship and how it progressed, and the dual POVs worked really well for me. I'm definitely curious about what GTX's ultimate goals are and hope we learn more about those moving forward, but I'm glad you enjoyed this one for the most part!

  3. For some reason this book just did not appeal to me. I thought it was more Mean Girls/Carrie than sci fi really. I could definitely use a break from high school drama so I don't think I'll be picking this one up.

  4. Oh I realllly enjoyed this one!! I'm actually reading The Ghost and the Goth trilogy right now. =)

  5. When I first seen this, I thought it sounded really good. But then the mixed reviews started coming in and I got turned off a little bit. But your review makes it sound like I'd enjoy it. I don't mind a bit of high school drama :) Great review Z :D

  6. Hmm, well I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like the non-sci-fi-ishness of this as much as you did as I know I like that stuff more than you. But otherwise, it sounds like it has a few good things going for it. Honestly, your review makes me want to read The Ghost and the Goth more than anything :) That one doesn't necessarily seem up my alley either, but I really want to meet those characters that everyone seems to rave about!

  7. Think I will give The Rules a chance, too! I always wanted to read The Ghost and the Goth, but haven't gotten to it so far. Thanks for your review! x


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