Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five Great Series

Day 3 of Persnickety Snark's Five Challenge for 2010 involves talking about five great series. So, here's some of mine:

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
This one should not need an explanation! Just in case though, the protagonist is witty, strong-willed, loyal and completely capable of taking care of herself. It’s no wonder then that Rose is one of my favourite heroines! Plus, there’s action, romance, suspense and interesting, well-developed secondary characters.

Theatre Illuminata by Lisa Mantchev
I’ve read Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to Dream is in my TBR pile. It’s the characters that drive this series, and my favourites happen to be the fairies Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream. They’re so adorable and I think I laughed in every scene that they were in! Mantchev’s writing is also very whimsical, and she just manages to suck you in with her creative imagination. One thing is for sure: You won’t be bored reading this series!

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
This series is perfect if you want something light and enjoyable. Sophie is such a witty and charming main character, and there's some great twists that you could never predict. In addition, the writing flows very smoothly, which made reading Hex Hall extremely quick.   

Curse Workers by Holly Black
The world-building is just so unique, and I love that there's drawbacks for each type of curse. We always seem to think that having powers is awesome, yet forget about the disadvantages. The other great thing about White Cat was that Cassel was an unreliable narrator, and so you could never fully trust what he was saying. It doesn’t help that he’s a con man and is proud of it. Oh, and although I had a general idea of how the story was going to unfold, even I didn’t see the ending coming!

Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
The concept is very refreshing, and it doesn’t involve any supernatural creatures while still falling within the paranormal/fantasy genre. The writing is also fast-paced, and the relationship between Violet and Jay as they attempt to transition from friends to something more is handled very realistically. As well, rather than being non-existent or dead, the adults in Violet’s family are actual characters and have a relationship that’s supportive and not dysfunctional!

Some other series that are worth taking a look and popped into my mind once I finished making this list include: Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, Evernight by Claudia Gray and Dark Divine by Bree Despain.


  1. Only gotten into the last two, but the first ones look great too! Just never enough time to read them all!

  2. 5 series that I still have yet to read!

  3. Great picks! I adored Hex Hall and can't wait to get my hands on Demonglass:) I of course love the VA series as well and I'm really looking forward to The Body Finder, I've heard such good things about it and about Jay in particular:)


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